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We are starting a new course on our website – Python. Python is gaining a lot of importance and popularity these days. Python has even been introduced to schools now. Such is the popularity of Python. So if you are a programmer or if you want to learn programming it is best to learn Python .It is one of the most easiest and interesting programming language till date.

Why learn Python ?

As mentioned earlier it is easy to learn and it is fun learning Python.Other than that  if you look in to the applications of Python you will be overwhelmed and will definitely love to start learning Python. So here are some fields where Python is used.

1.Machine learning

2. Web development

3. Data Science

4. Artificial Intelligence

And many more.

What to expect from the course ?

The Course will start with the basics of Python . So if you are a beginner then this course is for you . All basic syntax will be covered in the initial part. Later on the focus will be  more on an application oriented approach. Python with Anaconda will be covered in the latter part of the course . Now you need not worry about what Anaconda is . It will be explained later on.

Our course will focus more on data science using Anaconda. So at the end of the course you will have a proper overview of data science and how to use Python to make several applications like Chat bots.

So it’s going to be an interesting journey and we assure you that you will love it.

Hey guys !! We are starting a new course on our website - Python. Python is gaining a lot of importance and popularity these days. Python has… Read more "Introduction"

(Giveaway!!) Best earphones under 1000₹

Choosing an earphone can be really difficult! There are so many options available that you are sure to get confused.You end up selecting an earphone on basis of reviews you see online, but later you find that it doesn’t match your taste of music! It simply doesn’t deliver what you want!. So,to simplify things for you we have presented 10 earphones that might match your requirement.Lets begin the countdown!


10.Philips SHE1405BK/94:

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Looking for a good quality earphone under 350? Then this one is for you.At this price this earphone clearly make a way in our list.With a decent sound quality and good build quality this earphone gets a position of number 10 in the list.

9. Brainwavz

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Cost of this product is 999 INR with build quality of around 600 INR.SO overall its an average product.But yes it has a great sound quality which compels us to put it in our list.Sound quality is better than few products in this price segment.

8. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK

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Audio Technica is also one of the leading companies in this field.It has rich audio quality with slightly compromised build quality.


  1. Cheap
  2. Great audio quality.
  3. Clear sound.


  1. Average build quality
  2. Not great for rough use but it might survive.

7. JBL C100SI

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If you want a light and comfortable earphones then this is the one for you.JBL always offers a great sound quality with good build quality and this is also not an exception.In this price segment JBL earphones are the lightest and can be used for a long period of time without causing pain in ears.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Great sound
  3. Good noise cancellation
  4. Light in weight
  5. Comfortable


  1. Not ideal for rough use
  2. Bass is slightly less compared to some others in this segment.

6. Sennheiser CX 180

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Sennheiser doesn’t need an introduction.Its already a beast in this field. CX180 is a great product if you use earphones roughly or for sports use.With a warranty of 2 years it defeats everyone in the line!


  1. Excellent build quality.
  2. 2 years Warranty
  3. Great service
  4. Clear voice


  1. Wire can get tangled easily!
  2. Bass is almost absent.Hence useful for watching movies or YouTube videos maybe.Definitely not for music lovers!

5.Mi earphones with mic (Black):

Click on the image to buy!

Xiaomi fans, wait is over!! Next in our list is Mi earphones with mic.This earphone is ideal for you if you are looking for an affordable earphone with above average sound quality and a good build quality.We wont say that it has an awesome sound quality but for the price you are paying its a pretty decent product.


  1. Mic available
  2. Cheap
  3. Tangle free and strong cable.
  4. light in weight
  5. Volume adjustment, play/pause options, call end feature available!


  1. Mic can get detached if mishandled.I experienced this in mumbai local!!
  2. Ear starts paining if you use it for more than one hour (This is a personal choice)

Another version of MI earphone is present on amazon at just 399 INR.

Click on the image to buy!

4. 1 More Piston fit earphone with mic

Click on the image to buy!

Even though 1 More is new to this field it has amazed us! In a very short period of time it has gained a lot of popularity! This is an excellent combination of good build quality and sound quality.Hence it stands 4th in our list.


  1. Bass is good
  2. Sound quality is decent.
  3. Mic is available
  4. Mic is firmly attached.


  1. Ear starts paining after some time (1hour approximately)
  2. Heavy

3. Boat Basshead:

Click on the image to buy!

Price to quality ratio is best for this earphone.Hence it stands 3rd in our list.With excellent bass and clear sound quality this earphone wins your heart and the credit goes to its low cost.


  1. Excellent bass
  2. Clear sound
  3. Mic availbale
  4. Cheap
  5. Good noise cancellation


  1. Ear can start paining after an hour.
  2. Microphone can get damaged.Not good for sports or rough use!
  3. Slightly heavy.


Click on the image to buy!

Do you love listening music at gym or maybe during cycling, running or any other sports activity??? Then this earphone is just for you !!


  1. Good build quality
  2. Light in weight
  3. You can use it for longer time (Thanks to its design)
  4. Good quality wire.


  1. Average sound quality’
  2. No mic
  3. Wire is not tangle free

To buy a mic version of it click here.

Click on the image to buy!

1. Sony MDR -EX150AP

Click on the image to buy!

Sony MDR-EX150 deserves to be at the top of this countdown! This one is purely for music lovers! Sony MDR-EX150AP would never stop amazing you. It is an earphone with most balanced sound in this price range.This earphone wont provide you with too much bass ( can be disappointing for some) but it will provide you more natural and balanced voice as compared to other earphones in this segment.So in short this one is not really for extra bass lovers!


  1. Best sound in this range
  2. Good build quality.
  3. Comes with a mic
  4. Light weight and comfortable


  1. Not really good for sports.

Choosing an earphone can be really difficult! There are so many options available that you are sure to get confused.You end up selecting an earphone on basis… Read more "(Giveaway!!) Best earphones under 1000₹"

What’s inside a phone charger ?

Have you ever wondered what inside a charger that gives our phone the power to sustain a day or longer.

Keep reading fellas as we will be exploring the phone charger today.

Here is the block diagram of the most basic type of a charger circuit.


The input to the charger is 220V AC VOLTAGE . But the phone batteries are rated at 5V .So there is a need to bring down the 220V to a lower voltage. This is done using a step down transformer.

STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER : Step down transformers converts the 220V AC to a lower AC voltage.The lower voltage depends on the transformer being used. The transformer is selected based on the voltage and current ratings of the load

RECTIFIER : The output of the transformer is AC. But the cell phone batteries need DC supply. So the AC needs to be converted into DC and that is done by a circuit called rectifier. Rectifier is basically diodes connected together such that it converts the AC into pulsating DC signal. The output of the Rectifier is not pure DC. It is pulsating i.e it contains ripples that needs to be removed.

FILTER : Filter circuit is used to remove the ripples from the DC signal. It usually involves capacitors. Capacitors bypasses the DC signal and blocks the AC signal .So we get a DC signal without ripples at the output.

REGULATOR : As the name suggests it is used to regulate the output voltage. The input to battery shouldn’t be fluctuating . It should be a steady DC supply which is ensured by the regulator. The output of the regulator is then fed to the phone using a USB or any other type of connector.

So this is whats inside a charger. Well this isn’t enough to charge a phone battery .There are different circuits to ensure proper and safe charging of the batteries. All those will be discussed in detail in the next blog .

Have you ever wondered what inside a charger that gives our phone the power to sustain a day or longer. Keep reading fellas as we will be… Read more "What’s inside a phone charger ?"

Catenary wire (Part 1)

In OHE, i.e Over Head Electrification systems, electricity is provided through an overhead system of suspended cables.In such a system you can see two wires as shown in the image below.

In the first set of images you can see pantograph .In the second set you can see contact and messenger wire and in the third set you can see Dropper or spacers.

Pantograph used in Railways
Contact wire and messenger wire.
Dropper or spacers.

Getting the basics:

Let us understand each component one by one.

  1. Pantograph: A pantograph is used to make contact with overhead contact cable.It can be raised or lowered mechanically to make contact with the contact wire.This pentograph supplies power to motor through transformer .
  2. Contact wire: It carries the current and remains in contact with the pantograph.A contact wire is suspended from other wire above it which ensures that the wire is at a constant distance from pantograph.If this is not done then sagging of wire can lead to variation in the distance between pantograph and contact wire which can lead to breaking of contact wire.Hence this Catenary system is used.
  3. Messenger wire: Contact wire is suspended from another wire called as messenger wire.This wire has a shape of Catenary i.e hyperbolic cosine curve shape. Hence this system has a name of Catenary system.
  4. Dropper: Also called spacers these wires are present at regular intervals which maintains the shape of contact wire.

Getting Involved:

Let us now get into some detail of catenary system.


This image is from Mumbai (India). As you can see that there is a contact wire and Messenger wire. Here you can see that Messenger wire has a sag or its forming a catenary shape ( In easy words a stretched ‘U” shape).

Now just imagine a pantograph in contact with messenger wire! Due to the variation in height two possible situations can occur:

  • Wire will break due to excess tension.
  • Contact between pantograph and Wire can break.

We don’t want either situation to occur. To prevent this we hold the contact wire from messenger wire with Dropper of different length ( You can observe different length of Dropper wire in the above image).

Why Not just stretch the wire???

You might be thinking why we cannot just stretch the wire till it get straight !.Well theoretically its possible to straighten the wire but cant be done practically.Here are a few reasons behind it:

  • Wind and effect of temperature requires some flexibility.Wind can cause wire to move which can break it if it is fully stretched. Moreover Wire expands due to heat which again requires flexibility!! Have you ever seen a structure as shown in the image below?? Well that structure is used as a counter weight to compensate for change in length due to thermal expansion. If this structure is not present it can lead to breaking of wire due to expansion or contraction.


  • Also a train never moves straight.It takes turns, experiences jerks and when the train is crowded then the jerks are even severe.In India, especially in mumbai where local train is the lifeline and experiences heavy crowd it is important that the wire doesn’t break due to jerks.Pantograph here plays an important role.It adjust itself with jerks within required limits.Here if wire is fully stretched these jerks will break it!! Catenary system provides required flexibility due to droppers and hence prevents breaking of contact wire.

In OHE various types of Pantographs are used.This will be explained in a separate blog.Link will be provided here.

Hope you liked this post! Do comment share and let others know about this!

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In OHE, i.e Over Head Electrification systems, electricity is provided through an overhead system of suspended cables.In such a system you can see two wires as shown… Read more "Catenary wire (Part 1)"

e-mail ! Behind the scenes

e-mails!! Something which is very common to all internet users.Most of us daily sends multiple emails but have you guys ever wondered , when you write an email and press the send button what actually happen behind the scenes ? So keep reading to know the technology behind emails.

So when you send an email from your system , it goes to a server called the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. The email is broken down into three parts viz the senders address,recipients address and the content. Each mail service has a different SMTP server . The client i.e your computer connects to the server of the senders email service and that server connects to the recipient server

Say for eg the sender’s address is and recipient’s address is the computer will connect to gmail’s SMTP server and will look for the sender and verify the details.

After the verification is done the server sends a TCP connection request to the recipient server ,here it is yahoo mail server .TCP is Transfer Control Protocol. TCP will be elaborated in a different post.For now what you need to understand is TCP is a protocol or set of rules followed when a packet of information is sent from one node to other.

So once the connection is initiated the mail is sent to the recipient server

Now,the recipient server looks for the address of the receiver .This address is known as the IP address.Once located the mail is downloaded on to the client machine by IMAP or POP3 protocol which will be discussed later.

The entire email service is very similar to a post delivery system

So let’s make an analogy

Step 1: if you want to send a letter you write it and put in the post box. This is analogous to writing an email and clicking on the send button

Step 2 : The client sends the mail to the SMTP server.This is same as the postman delivering the letter to the post office.

Step 3 : The Sender SMTP server sends it to the receiver SMTP server. Similarly the letter is sent to the post office of the desired location.

Step 4 : The mail is then delivered to the receiver from the server the same way a postman delivers the letter to the recipient

So email service follows exact same principle of a mail delivery system. But the tech behind is really sophisticated and fast.

e-mails!! Something which is very common to all internet users.Most of us daily sends multiple emails but have you guys ever wondered , when you write an… Read more "e-mail ! Behind the scenes"

Say ‘hi’ to Amazon developer!

Amazon! The name itself is sufficient and can tell you a lot! Apart from being the largest internet retailer in the world Amazon has always shown great innovation in electronics and AI.It gave us Kindle ,Fire TV and even Alexa!

However, there is one more thing about Amazon that you might not be aware of . Yes! It’s Amazon developer.

Infact many big tech giants have their own platform for developers, for eg : Facebook.It also has a platform for developers and it deserves a separate blog which will be written soon!

Amazon developers

Hey developer! This one is for you!

Amazon developer services provides a platform that allows a developer to build and sell applications on Amazon appstore.Application can be any service that can enhance Amazon services or any competitive gaming application! You can serve your application on both iOS and Android

Amazon developer services also provides different software development kits to build apps on android, iOS , fire TV, fire Tablets and even enhancement tools for Alexa.


Amazon developer services is divided into five major categories.They are as follows:

  1. Amazon Alexa: Here you can find some amazing tools which can be used in many ways.In short you can do these with this service:
  • Adding capabilities to alexa using Alexa skills kit (ASK). Know more.
  • Integrating Alexa to your device using Alexa Voice Service (AVS).You can voice control your own device using this tool. Know more.
  • Connect devices to alexa. Know more.

2. Amazon Appstore:

Here you can develop apps for fire T.V and fire Tablets and you can make user experience better using your app.You can also earn through it!

All the required tools and other details are available here.

In Amazon Appstore you can also make competitive gaming through Amazon Gameon!Download the free ebook here.

You can also get information about incorporating Amazon IAP API in your apps.All the information is available on the same page.

3. Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Here you can learn and implement tonnes of web services using Amazon tools.

Know more here.

4. Amazon software + games:

Here you can develop games for windows pc or Mac.This section is specially for the developers! Amazon makes it easier for you to reach people through the tools provided by Amazon.

Amazon digital software store helps you with promotions so that you can reach millions of customers.

Get more information here.

5. Amazon Dash services:

Here you can use two interesting tools.

  • Dash replenishment Service (DRS)
  • Virtual Dash Button Service(VDBS)

DRS can help you to improve customer satisfaction through Amazon reordering services! It can provide you following benefits

  • Reordering services
  • Amazon’s authentication and payment system
  • Easy monetisation!
  • Easy integration with few lines of code
  • Better customer satisfaction

Here customer links their account to your experience to start reordering services

VDBS on the other hand is used to display Amazon’s virtual dash button services for their customers.It gives a quick access to users and reorder products that ship with prime.

You can read details about DRS and VDBS here.
More information of DRS is available here and for VDBS is available here.

Registration and other details:

To get more details and to choose what’s right for you , please click on the link below.This is the home page where you can get all the information on Amazon developers and you can select from wide range of services available.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Do share and let others know of this amazing service and a great opportunity! Do comment if you like our content.

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Amazon! The name itself is sufficient and can tell you a lot! Apart from being the largest internet retailer in the world Amazon has always shown great… Read more "Say ‘hi’ to Amazon developer!"

Affiliate Marketing

When you help someone sell their product ,they give you something as reward.We call it as a commission. Similarly if you help to sell a product online you will get commission and this process is called Affiliate marketing.

So keep reading to know how you can start earning money through affiliate marketing!!!

It is possible to earn money online without much investment.That is the reason why it’s gaining a lot of popularity these days. Every one wants to be a part of online business but only a few of them sustain.But if you are dedicated and passionate then you can earn a lot through affiliate marketing and other online activities.

Affiliate marketing is just one among the many ways to earn online.However it is among the most popular way to earn online!

What exactly is Affiliate marketing?

What you will have to do is help a manufacturer sell their product by promoting it through your website.So if someone buys the product through the link provided in your website you get the commission. Higher the price of the product the more will be your commission.So if you have a website with good traffic ,you can make lot of profit through affiliate marketing.

How to start ?

To start the first thing you need is a website or a youtube channel through which you can sell products.

But to sell where do you get the products from?

E commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have affiliate programs. You need to register to their program to create your affiliate account and once you become an affiliate member you can create custom links of the product you wish to put on your website and then just paste it on your website

You can create

1. Short link or full link

2. image

3. text + image

Detailed process of how to create your affiliate account will be explain in a separate post.

How it works?

After being accepted into an affiliate program, marketers receive a unique URL that includes their affiliate ID. They share that unique URL with their subscribers, site visitors, and social networks via text links or ads. When someone clicks on that link, affiliate software records that click and any resulting product sales in the affiliate’s account. When commissions reach a pre-determined threshold, the affiliate is paid.

Some points to note

It is not recommended to share the URL through sms or any texting app like whatsapp.Your membership can be permanently terminated if you are found violating the affiliate policies.So it’s better to go through the policies before getting in to the affiliate market.You can find the policies in the respective e-commerce website.

So basically just by advertising different products on your website you can earn a lot . What you need is just a website with decent traffic and an affiliate account!

Hope it helped.Keep visiting!

When you help someone sell their product ,they give you something as reward.We call it as a commission. Similarly if you help to sell a product online… Read more "Affiliate Marketing"

Why a fan needs capacitor?

You must have seen an electrician changing a cylindrical part in a fan ! You guessed it right…It’s a capacitor!

But have you ever wondered why you need a capacitor in a fan? Have you ever wondered why modern fans doesn’t have a capacitor! Well you will get all the answers here! So keep reading till end and do follow and leave a comment in case you find it helpful.Your support is valuable to us!

Here is how a capacitor looks like (Ignore the dust ;{) )

Capacitor in a fan

As it is clear to you how a capacitor looks like and where it is located we can move forward to learn why we need a capacitor.

The motor that we use in a fan is a single phase induction motor.

Broadly motors can be classified as:

A.C motors

  • Induction motor (3phase,Single phase)
  • Synchronous motor

DC motors

  • Series motor
  • Shunt motor
  • Compound motor

BLDC motors

  • These motors are of synchronous type but requires DC supply as it has inverter inside

This is just a rough classification.There are many more types of motors.However above information is sufficient to understand what follows.

Single phase induction motor:

In fans a permanent split capacitor type single phase induction motor is used.In a single phase motor only one phase supply is given.

For any motor to move , it requires a rotating magnetic field .In a 3 phase induction motor this rotating field is generated with the help of phase difference between three phases.(This requires a separate blog.Link will be provided soon.Do comment.).Hence three phase induction motor is self starting

However, in a single phase induction motor there is no rotating magnetic field and hence it’s not self starting.

So to make induction motor self starting ( You don’t want to hit the fan and rotate it right :D) you need a capacitor!.

Now you might be thinking that we can disconnect the capacitor after starting, right? Well you can do that but doing this will make your fan noisier.

Thus in short ,a capacitor in a ceiling fan solve two purpose:

1. It makes your ceiling fan self starting so that you can just switch it on using the load break switch( name for the normal switch you use to switch on/off lights and fans)

2. It makes its operation less noisy.Single phase induction motor without capacitor can make really irritating noise! Trust us on that.

Starting methods:

Broadly classified as:

  • Split phase starting
  • Shaded pole starting
  • Repulsion motor starting
  • Reluctance starting

In ceiling fans we use Split phase starting.In split phase starting methods are further classified as:

  • Resistor split phase (Used in Blower ,pumps and refrigerator upto 200 watts)
  • Capacitor split phase (Compressor ,reciprocating pumps upto 800 watts)
  • Capacitor start and run (Office equipment,fans.Low noise application
  • Capacitor run motor ( Used in ceiling fans)

Now let’s talk about capacitor run motors.

Capacitor run motors have a capacitor connected to auxillary winding as shown:

Capacitor run motor

Here there are two winding

1. Main winding

2 Auxillary winding.

Two windings are used to provide the phase difference(Theoretically 90 degree) between two windings current I1 and I2.

This phase difference provides us with the rotating magnetic field which makes our fans self starting.

The capacitor start and run type has two capacitors , one for starting and other for running.It is costlier .

Why modern fans doesn’t have a capacitor?

New models of fans are based on BLDC i.e Brushless DC motors.These motors are self starting and doesn’t require any capacitor.Advancement in this field has made it possible to use BLDC motors in fans.Earlier it was a costly solution

Sometimes different starting methods are also used in single phase induction motor.But that is less common.

I hope this blog gave you a basic understanding of why you need a capacitor in ceiling fans.We will write many more blogs related to this.Do comment if you want us to write on a specific topic.Your contribution is precious.

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You must have seen an electrician changing a cylindrical part in a fan ! You guessed it right...It's a capacitor! But have you ever wondered why you… Read more "Why a fan needs capacitor?"